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Adverstise on The Volleyball Voice

Thank you for your interest in advertising on The Volleyball Voice!

Rates and Specs:
Ads are available in one size (125px by 125px ) and are displayed on all pages of the blog in the right column.

Spaces are available on a monthly, quarterly, six month and annual basis.

With the purchase of a quarterly, six month and annual ad, advertisers will receive a discount and featured placement in the right column on the website.

Ads can begin on any date for a 30, 90, 120 or 365 day interval.

125px by 125px square tile:
$55 per month
$150 quarterly   ($15 off)
$300 six month  ($30 off)
$600 annual      ($60 off)

Please make sure your banner is .jpg, .gif, or .png format.

If you don’t have a 125px by 125px banner, we’ll create one for you for $40.

To purchase ad space, please email