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Volleycats Elite VBC has partnered with the following organizations and companies for the 2015 club season. Please show your support for these hardworking entrepreneurs and businesses.


Roy Duncan is a Board Certified massage therapist with certifications in a number of modalities including Medical massage for the shoulder, hip, arm, wrist, neck, and back.

Feel free to check out the website @ for all the great services and deals available or call 702.336.9362 for an appointment.


Roy Duncan – Biography


Roy has been engaged in the hospitality industry of over 20 years. He was an athlete in junior high school, high school, and college where he participated with athletic achievement. Roy understands the physical ailments that athletes can sometimes go through psychologically, physically, and mentally while going through the recovery process. He as actively participated with his fellow athletes in athletic events while in many cases working with them in their recovery.

 He was an active participant in Track and Field, Football, and Soccer as a high school athlete at Rancho High School. He received a scholarship in Track and Field with the University of Nevada Las Vegas where he and his team mates ranked 18th in the nation in the four by 100 meter dash. Roy has always taken an active interest in the healing process of his team mates, friends, and family.

  He has always enjoyed working with his hands, and while working with his mother who has had her on struggle with nick, hip and back pain came to the natural conclusion to become a massage practitioner. It gives Roy a great deal of satisfaction to see the positive end result that massage can bring while bring balance and rejuvenation to the mind, body and spirit.  

     Roy attended The Academy of Healing Arts in Las Vegas where he took anatomy and physiology courses and graduated at the top of his class. He has completed CEU classes with certification in Medical massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Pre- Natal Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, and Asian Reflexology others as well. He has working knowledge of and well engage in these modalities and others.

   He is currently working his own business and has received referrals to work with an orthopedic doctor. It is his goal to work with senior citizens to help them to get better mobility. He would also like to work with various demographic groups with their nutritional needs, health and wellbeing to give overall training stability, and balance to all.




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