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The Volleyball Voice

Dermot "Coach D"  Thomas 

Performance Enhancement Specialist

Coach Dermot has been involved with athletics and weight training for personal use for over two decades.  

He decided to follow his passion of futhering his education and training to work with athletes by getting certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. 


Thomas worked as a fitness instructor at the Las Vegas Athletic Club training all populations such as general fitness for adults in fat loss, teens, seniors in fall prevention, health maintenance and athletic training.  Also, he branched out into personal training at client's homes where he helped non gym goers achieve their fitness goals. 

While working at a local Sports Institute in Las Vegas, Coach Dermot was responsible for developing meal plans and coached numerous athletes on eating the proper foods for energy sustainability. It was here that he worked as a Performance Specialist and Nutritional Lifestyle Educator training youth athletes in various sports from baseball to tennis.  


Since 2011, Coach D also known as Coach "Nike Commercial" has teamed up with Coach April Chapple to assist her by offering strength and conditioning, agility, balance, foot speed and core strength exercises for her volleyball athletes. 

Coach D teaches his players the proper foundations in athletics. This includes training them on how to move laterally and linearally (forward and backward) and in multidirections with speed and efficiency. He spends time each practice on teaching players on acceleration/deceleration which he believes is a must for injury prevention. His mission is for young players to  grasp how to be able to use their agility to plant their feet, and to be able to cut and switch directions on the volleyball court with steady balance.    

Coach D is dedicated to providing volleyball players that he trains...the best training possible to make them better in every dimension of their sport.


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