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The Volleyball Voice

The Volleyball Voice

Private Volleyball Coaching and Performance Enhancement
for Las Vegas High School Volleyball Players

Semi Private Volleyball Lessons with April Chapple starts this June 2017

Semi Private Volleyball Lessons with April Chapple, Volleycats Elite Club Director

Private or Semi-private lessons are an excellent way for young Las Vegas high school volleyball players to quickly improve their individual volleyball skills through a private or semi-private coaching experience.

These volleyball lessons are conducted by  former pro volleyball player April Chapple on a monthly basis. Sign up now!

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What's in it for you?

  • Four (4) - intensive 60-minute sessions of semi private (small groups of up to six people) volleyball practice classes
  • Our sessions are a specially designed mix of volleyball skills conducted by Coach April Chapple,with the assistance of and Coach Phil Merrill within the one hour session

Why Train With Us?

  • Volleyball is composed of six individual volleyball skills. Setting, blocking, serving, spiking, defense and passing. When a player has a setting problem, we break down the setting skill into its multiple upper and lower body performing parts. Then we focus on building, strengthening or correcting the body parts that perform specific aspects of the setting skill. That's why we are successful.  Because we break down the multiple parts of each skill...and then, body part by body part, we focus and apply specific strength building, foot speed increasing, arm swing spike speed increasing, spike approach foot speed increasing exercises and/or drills to each particular body part that has to perform that skill.  That's what sets us apart.
  • Sessions are tailored to help identify then strengthen a volleyball player's weaknesses, to breakdown then build up proper performance skills, to enhance the use of the correct technique of each of the six basic volleyball skills, to re-program and correct bad habits and to help players visualize, develop and identify realistic volleyball playing goals.
  • Our mission is for each privately trained player to perform a minimum of 100 to 200 reps of a targeted skill in a one hour session.
  • Our vision is to assist and support players in developing confidence in playing their specific volleyball positions on the court, while developing a college prep mentality.


For more information click here to register for semi private volleyball lessons with with Coach April.

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