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The Volleyball Voice

What To Bring To Volleyball Camp


Summer time is volleyball camp time and for many of you who are going to camp for the first time, here are a few recommendations of what clothes to wear and things to bring and rules we have here at Stupak.

For those volleyball players who've been to camp before, be sure to check this list as a reminder of what things to bring  in order to enjoy your camp experience.

The Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps are day camps not overnight camps so things like pillows, bedding, swimsuits and clothes to sleep in are not things you need to bring to this camp.

But with 15 hours of volleyball training you want to be sure to bring the things that will help you come prepared and will help you to enjoy a great volleyball camp experience.

Here are some mandatory things to have completed before attending Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps

• Parental Consent/Medical Waiver Form - You will not be allowed to participate without this form completed in full.
• Check for any remaining fees. (Made out to April Chapple c/o Volleyball Voice Camps).

All campers should preregister online.










What Volleyball Players Should Bring To The Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps

Lunch - The lunch break is 60 minutes long and players are asked to bring their own lunch which they will eat on the premises.

Cell Phones - Players are encouraged to bring their cell phone so they can stay in contact with family in order to arrange rides or for emergency purposes.

A Positive Attitude and Willingness To Learn - This is especially necesssary for those who are coming to volleyball camp for the first time

110% Effort - This is what champions do. They try and try and try until they succeed. Volleyball Voice Vegas campers are champions at life in the making. All we ask you to do is keep trying and to be willing to follow the instructions of the coaches who are here to help you improve your volleyball skills.


Enthusiasm! - Bring your enthusiasm and excitement about being trained by some of the best former collegiate volleyball players.


If you want to know more about the types of things to bring to volleyball camp, here's a short list of clothes to wear and equipment to bring.

T-Shirts or Volleyball Jersey - The Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps have one two and half hour session in the morning and one two and a half hour session in the afternoon with only 60 minutes in between for a lunch break.

It's recommended that campers bring two practice shirts each day- one for each session including one long sleeve t-shirt to wear during passing and defense drills. Bringing two or three shirts a day will help you feel fresh, not sweaty at the beginning of each new session. ALL t-shirts MUST have sleeves, short sleeves are fine. No cutout shirts are allowed.


Spandex or Shorts - If you've played on your high school or middle school girls volleyball team then you know what volleyball spandex is - a light stretchy material that allows your skin to breathe while you perform your athletic skills. For boys, the style of volleyball shorts that you wear on your high school or middle school volleyball or basketball team are perfect to wear also during camp.  

Underwear/Sports Bras - Participants who attend the Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps must wear undergarments that are not visible while participating in the 15 hours of volleyball training.


Socks- It's highly recommended that campers wear socks during their volleyball practices. Volleyball socks help provide cushioning for your feet, absorb sweat and help lower the possibility of getting blisters.

Volleyball Shoes -Volleyball shoes or court shoes are what volleyball players should wear during all 15 hours of volleyball training. The Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps are conducted in gym facilities where players must wear athletic shoes while performing in sports events.


Volleyball knee pads- Volleyball knee pads are designed to provide cushioning and protection for the knee area of volleyball players. Male and female volleyball players are highly encouraged to bring and wear kneepads to each Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps session. Collegiate volleyball players know that their knees will come in contact with the floor during the game especially when they have to pass the ball or play defense. It's important that younger players recognize early the importance of wearing volleyball knee pads. 



Hair ties - Players should not wear any jewelry (at the most stud earrings are permitted as seen in the photo) during any of the 15 hours of Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps training but players with long hair are advised to use hair ties that will keep their hair from becoming an obstruction during volleyball practice. Girls should have their hair up and out of their face.



Flip flops (to wear during the lunch break) - Players will not at any time be allowed to go barefoot in the gym facilities where Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps are conducted.

Extra Pair of shoes (to wear during the lunch break or walking to and from the parking lot) - Players will not at any time be allowed to go barefoot in or around the gym facilities or parking where Volleyball Voice Vegas Summer Camps camps are conducted.

(photography by Kelly Kate)

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