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About April Chapple

April Chapple has coached volleyball coaches from 1996 to 2000 as the "Five Quick Tips" columnist for the (AVCA) American Volleyball Coaches Association's bi-monthly "Coaching Volleyball" magazine.  As a volleyball journalist, April has written and published over 100 articles online and off about playing and coaching elite volleyball.

She has been a contributing writer for publications like, Capital One, Las Vegas Sports Magazine, Volleyball Magazine, USA Volleyball Magazine, and on her own volleyball web sites including Volleyball, Inspiring Female Volleyball Players,, and the Parents Volleyball Girl

April is the author of the e-booklets "How To Stop Serving Like A Wimp" and  "86 Girls Indoor Volleyball Tips: How to Gain Confidence on the Volleyball Court" on sale now at Volleyball and Inspiring Female Volleyball

As a professional photographer, April has photographed some of the top volleyball players and volleyball coaches in the world. Her work has appeared in many top Italian publications including Vogue Italy, MAX, Corriere dello Sport, the cover of the Gazzetto dello Sport magazine, the Gazzetta di Vicenza, and all three Italian volleyball magazines.

April is a four-time All-American and the first four year volleyball Hall of Fame Inductee at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

The California native is a former USA National Volleyball Team member who represented the US in the indoor women’s professional Italian league for more than eight years.

A finalist in the Italian League championships, the Italian Cup Tournament and the European Cup of Cups Tournament, April was a first round draft pick and named First Team All Pro in both the American indoor professional Major League Volleyball (New York Liberties) and the outdoor Bud Light Four Person Beach Volleyball League televised on ESPN.

Voted as the Four-Person League’s Best Left Side Hitter, April has played beach volleyball on the (WPVA) Women’s Professional Beach Volleyball Association, (AVP) Association of Volleyball Professionals, been an Italian 3 vs 3 Beach Volleyball Champion, held a number one ranking in the (CBVA) California Beach Volleyball Association, has been ranked #80 in the world and played in the (FIVB ) International Federation of Beach Volleyball events with four-time (soon to be the first five-time in 2012) Olympian Danielle Scott-Arruda and has won the Manhattan Beach Volleyball Six-Man title twice.

Former teammates include three-time Olympian, Olympic MVP, and silver medalist and current UC Irvine coach Paula Weishoff, two-time Olympian Elaina Oden, her sister two-time Olympic captain Kim Oden, three-time Olympian and USA Volleyball team captain Tammy Liley, AVP beach volleyball pro Dianne Shoemaker DeNecochea, WPVA standout Heather Hafner, along with beach legends and Olympians Karolyn Kirby, Liz Masakayan and Mary Jo Peppler and many European and South American Olympians and World Champions.

April has travelled the world as an elite professional indoor and beach volleyball professional for many years and has been coached by some of the top volleyball coaches in the world including Taras Lyskevich, Russ Rose, Bob Bertucci, Claudio Piazza, Mick Haley, Mary Jo Peppler, Nina Matthies, Elaine Roque, Mark Barber,  Pat Zartman, Joel DeNecochea, and Claudio Cuello to name a few.

USA Indoor Girls HP - Tryouts in Los Angeles April 19 - Evaluator Setting
USA Indoor Girls HP - Tryouts in Los Angeles April 11 - Lead Evaluator - Setters
USA Indoor Girls HP - Tryouts in Los Angeles April 17 - Lead Evaluator - Setters
Assistant Coach for the USAV Youth Continental Team Program at the USA High Performance Championships, Ft. Lauderdale, FL from July 14 - 24, 2016. 


USAV High Performance Championship Coaches
The High Performance Championships is an international tournament hosted by USA Volleyball in a host US city every July. With the exception of the 12-player USA Youth and National Teams, the HP Championships Program offers the highest level of training and competition to male and female athletes selected each year through HP tryouts in three age groups and is the highest level juniors tournament in the country.

The High Performance Championship Program is the main platform for future advancement to HP National Teams. Coaches and athletes train together for the period of a standard HP Program, and then apply those lessons during the HPC competition. Coaches working at the Championships arrive five days prior to the tournament, thereby requiring a 10 day commitment to participate in the HPC Program. All meals and housing are provided for the duration of the 10 days. As with HP Programs, coaches book their own individual flights to the training and tournament site.

In general, the staff for programs at the HP Championships is made up of coaches who have proven themselves in the HP Coaching Pipeline for a number of years. These coaches are trusted with training the top athletes in the country in the Select, Youth, and Junior age groups and are therefore the most experienced in the Coaches’ Pipeline.

Programs Participating in HP Championships
Junior A1
Youth A1
Select A1
Junior Continental
Youth Continental
Select Continental



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