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Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Classes, Clinics and Competition

To Register for Boot Camp Classes

There's no online registration for our Boot Camp Classes. To register go to Stupak Community Center 30 minutes before classes are scheduled to start. At the front desk you will pay your $10 and first time attendees will fill out a Stupak waiver that parents must sign before players can participate in our classes. 

Allow for plenty of time to find parking and to register, classes fill up quickly and many times they are sold out 15 minutes before we are scheduled to start. 

For more information on all weekly and monthly classes go to Improve Your Volleyball and click on "Classes"
For more informaton on semi private training go to Improve Your Volleyball and click on "Instruction.
Getting to Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Classes in Las Vegas City Facilities
Stupak Community Center - 251 W. Boston Ave 
(off the I - 15 Exit Sahara: Stupak is one block west of the Stratosphere across the street from the parking lot)
Chuck Minker Sports Complex  - 275 N. Mojave Rd, LV, NV 89101
(Off 515 take Eastern Exit to corner of Mojave and Eastern)
Mirabelli Community Center  - 6200 Hargrove Avenue
(off 95 South at Jones)
Veteran's Leisure Memorial  - 101 Pavilion Center Drive, LV, NV 89144
(adj to Palo Verde High School in Summerlin)    
Former USA National Team member, pro indoor/beach volleyball player and current USA High Performance coach and evaluator April Chapple created the Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Class Clinics and Competitions, the first boot camp styled volleyball class and clinic specifically for middle, junior high and high school volleyball players in Las Vegas.  



After years of studying the Las Vegas high school and club volleyball landscape, Chapple created a weekly low cost intensive volleyball skill and physical development class for parents looking for an affordable way to improve their volleyball player's skills. 



Important Information Regarding Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Classes!

Boot Camp clinics are for middle, junior and high school players who are already on a school or club team and are held on

Mondays 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm (ages 11 - 14)

Tuesdays 6:00 pm to 7:30pm (ages 13 - 18)

Wednesdays 4:30pm - 6:00pm (Varsity/College players only)

Thursdays 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm (ages 13 -18)

Fridays 5:00 pm - 6:00pm (ages 13 - 18) (Advanced/Varsity only)

Fridays 6:00pm - 7:30pm (ages 9 - 13)

No More Saturday Boot Camp Classes

  • Classes start on time.
  • Players should pay $10 at the front desk, sign in and then walk down to the gym
  • Doors are locked and classes close 5 minutes after the start of class.
  • Maximum Class - 30 Players
  • Parents and spectators (especially youngsters) Will Not be allowed on the court floor
  • Scroll down to see what to wear, what to bring and what to expect in boot camp class


Beginners, Middle School Players and High School Players

All players must participate in the first class session.

We reserve the right to place any player or not in the first class based on skill, strength and ability at any time.




What To Wear and Bring To Boot Camp Class

Boot camp classes players must bring knee pads and wear appropriate playing attire and volleyball court shoes.

Kneepads are NOT optional, they are MANDATORY.

  • Players should not wear Keds or Vans shoes. These shoes are too slippery and are not appropriate training shoes for the gym and especially for what we do.
  • Female players with shoulder length hair should wear their hair up in a bun. We roll on mats, crawl on the floor and jump over obstacles. Hair should not become a distraction while rolling, crawling, jump training or playing on the court.
  • There's no gum allowed.
  • Players are asked to bring a bottle of water or Gatorade. Water fountains are available.
  • Classes are coed. Males are always placed in front and females in back during warmups.
  • Female players must wear long/short/sleeveless tshirts. Jogbras should not be visible through tshirt armholes that have been cut out excessively on the sides.
  • Female players can/will be asked to change shirts if jogbras are visible because tshirt sides have been excessively cut out.
  • No jewelry is allowed. (no watches, hoop earrings, nose rings or belly rings. Stud earrings are okay.)


What To Expect

All classes are designed to offer more volleyball skills training and conditioning in an hour than most clubs offer in two or three hours.

When you come to class please be prepared to sweat!

Depending on the class, players should be prepared to sprint, to run, to jump, to use bands, to use Swiss balls, to use dummbbells, to use foam rollers, to use medicine balls and to roll around on mats and on the floor.

Oh yes, and we eventually get around to playing some volleyball...


Who We Are

Each session specializes in foot work, body balance, basic skills technique and analysis and breaking down the technique of defensive skills.



and Phillip Merrill 


Coaches run specific drills that break down each of the basic volleyball skills: passing, setting, spiking, serving, blocking and defense.


Why Should You Attend

If you made your high school volleyball team or club volleyball team but:

  • You need extra training because you and five other players are competing for a starting position on your club or team, then this class is for you!
  • You need to get off the bench and really show your high school or club coach how good you are, then this class is for you!
  • You set some personal volleyball goals for yourself but you know you can't accomplish them without getting outside expert help on how to make yourself faster on the court, jump higher or hit harder, then this boot camp class is for you!
  • You made the team but there are other players that hit harder, run faster and score more points than you do, then this class is for you!


Our boot camp class is for YOU...

  • If you can't free ball pass 15 balls in a row to your setter without making them move one step...
  • If you can't set a high ball outside 15 balls in a row to your outside hitter without the ball coming off or going over the net...
  • If you are a libero but you can't dig five balls up in a row to your front court setter... 
  • If you are an outside hitter riding the pine because you have trouble spiking the ball cross court or down the line or just over the net for points...
  • If you need to build volleyball strength, volleyball muscle, volleyball speed or increase your vertical


The Volleyball Voice Boot Camp Class is designed for high school and middle school players who don't play club, but is also available for those who do.


Created by former pro volleyball player April Chapple

It was designed for those motivated, aggressive, forward thinking Las Vegas high school volleyball players who want to invest in themselves because they have or are thinking about possibly playing college volleyball.

This volleyball class which is modelled after Division I collegiate team training is hardcore!

We ask you to invest in yourself but to also challenge yourself!


At $10 for 90 minutes it is the best and most affordable volleyball class in Las Vegas, hands down!

Just ask our growing roster of incoming freshmen and underclassmen who regularly work out with us during the summer and offseason and are surpassing their volleyball and athletic goals by seeing more playing time, staying off the bench and are making their varsity or JV teams.


(photography by Kelly Kate)


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